Next Meeting:  Will be with our new Team! We will meet in late November or early December!

Thanks to the following 4-H Members who served the Lafayette County 4-H Members in 2017!

Cody Crompton                               Dylan Zasada

Victorria Meylor

Madeline Andrae                             Reagan Russell

Madison Russell                              Alexis Fladseth

Madison Russell                              Katie Calvert

Ella Woodworth                               Allison Thompson

Zachary Woodworth                        Ella Woodworth

Cheyenne Burgess                          Jared Meister

Judith Meister                                  Michael Kendall

Hannah McCarthy                             Cora Carpenter

Ben Cooper                                       Tabetha Rowe

Tomi Daly                                           Emma Stietz

Mariah Kendall                                  Michael Kendall

Kassandra Palzkill                            Hannah Reints