Farm Safety Week – September 16-22, 2018

In an interview with Cheryl Skjolaas, she talks about the annual event.

National Farm Safety Week this year is September 16th through the 22nd.

There are a lot of different occupational hazards within farming because we cover such a diverse type of agriculture and especially here in Wisconsin as we will not only be harvesting corn and soybeans, we still have some alfalfa that might be taken as a fourth crop; we’re going to be having cranberries and potatoes, but will all of that, some of the common factors is that we’re using machines, we’re using tractors, we’re taking some of those product as feed for livestock and within each of those systems are different types of risk – from machinery entanglements to falls off of equipment to operating that equipment at all times of the day and night because we have weather that we have to deal with.

And what are some safety types for farming and being around farms?

One is to really do a good job with the maintenance of your equipment; it prevents that breakdown in the field. Also remember to check your lighting and your marking if you’re going out on the road. Be sure that you have the right required lighting and marking. The second thing is if an incident happens, take that breath before you dive into the situation – lock it out by taking that getting that power off being sure that any residual power is out of there. The other factor is cover what equipment you’re operating with your family, with any employees. Be sure jobs are age appropriate and the people have the proper training on that equipment that they’re operating.

Where can people find more safety tips?

You can go to