2018 Area Animal Science Days

Area Animal Science Days

The 2018 Area Animal Science Days will be coming to your area again this summer. Dairy, Livestock and Horses are the headliners with some small animal offerings at the different sites.  Registration with payment for meals and registration fees will be due to the host county by June 1st. The fees can be paid in one check to the host county. Registration is $12.00 per participant and meals are $8.00 each – make sure to include all participants, coaches, parents, leaders, etc. that will be eating. **New Addition in 2018** – Counties will be asked to send a preliminary list of names of youth for each of the events.  Those registration forms are at the end of the registration packet and should accompany your registration form and fees.  We have put together a program to have the names and contestant numbers printed on the scantrons and this will help registration the day of the contest move along faster.

Dates and Locations are:
June 14 – Kewaunee County
June 22 – Clark County
June 29 – Lafayette County

County Agents/Educators are welcome and encouraged to attend and see what takes place at this event.

See the registration packet for complete details at:

Contact Pam Hobson with questions at pamela.hobson@ces.uwex.edu