2018 Lafayette County Archery Schedule

The archery practice season will start Sunday, January 7 at Belmont School from 1:00-4:00 pm. I have attached to forms that need to be completed by each member. Please let us know if you are not able to open the files. Remember members and parents need to sign the forms.  Archery 2018 Expectation Waiver   

Agreement for Indemnification 2018 Archery

As always, if you have any questions let us know. The schedule is listed below with contacts or you can respond to this email. As in years past, our main communication is through email. If practice will be cancelled (i.e. bad weather) the decision will be made by 10 am the day of practice and an email will be sent. There will also be a post on the Facebook page. If different communication is needed for you, please let Missy know.

We will have a FOR SALE board at practices. If you have ‘for sale’ archery items you can post a description/picture for those looking for equipment.

For those members and families that are new:

Our main mode of communication is email. We do have a closed Facebook page on which notices are posted. We will send out reminders for practices and other upcoming info. We start each practice with a short meeting for members and parents. Generally we split into 2 groups, one group starts shooting first and the other goes to wildlife first, then they switch. We take a snack break about 3pm and then play an archery game after. There are two forms that need to be completed to participate in practices. I have attached them to this email.

Members DO NOT need to purchase equipment to participate in practices. The club has bows and arrows for member use. In fact, we encourage new members to use our equipment before deciding to purchase. This allows time for the members to evaluate their interest and budget. If you have any questions at any time please ask.

2018 Lafayette County 4-H Archery Schedule (tentative)

All practices will be at the Belmont High School upper gym from 1:00-4:00 pm

unless otherwise stated:

January 7th                               Practice

January 21st                              Practice

January 28th                              Practice – Bring a Friend Day

February 11th                           Practice

February 25th                            Practice

March 11th                                Practice

March 25th                                Practice

April 14th                                   Lafayette County Archery Shoot – Belmont School

May 6th                                     Practice

June TBA                                 Practice – Date, time and place TBD

TBD                                        ** Lafayette County fair shoot

If you have any questions, please contact:

Randy Cushman           608-642-2771                Ryan Cushman             608-778-4164

Dave Zasada                608-482-1311                Tim Richardson            608-574-0463

Jeff McCarthy               608-732-2414

All members wanting to compete in the fair shoot must attend a minimum of 3 practices

For statewide shoots please go to: